Tenant Representation for Commercial Space Leasing

From initial market analysis to site selections, financial analysis of selected alternatives and final negotiation of the lease or purchase agreement, we provide services for every phase of the process. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and persistence to complete transactions efficiently with your interests at the forefront of every stage in a transaction. We convert our market knowledge into your advantage, providing the best creative solutions for current market conditions and opportunities.

Who is a tenant representative?

Finding the right location for your business is critical and that's where our tenant representation broker can help. A tenant representative, also known as a tenant rep, is a commercial real estate agent that represents the tenant instead of the landlord in the selection and negotiation of commercial properties. Businesses searching for commercial real estate space on their own may lack the time, focus and resources to find the best office space in Seattle. A tenant rep has the expertise and knowledge to ensure a successful transaction to meet your business goals.

Who Needs A Tenant Rep?

  • A company, business owner or a new startup, wanting to lease industrial office or retail space;
  • A company, business owner needing to rent space or lease space for the first time;
  • Companies who want to expand their current lease; Existing companies requiring negotiations on their commercial lease renewals;
  • Existing businesses wanting to renew current leases.

Benefits of Having a Tenant Representation Broker

  • Tenant reps work exclusively for you; Unlike landlord reps, tenant reps will show you each property, focusing on your needs from site selection, to lease negotiations to occupancy;
  • Tenant reps will help you make sound business decisions by providing you with current market knowledge;
  • Tenant reps use this knowledge when negotiating to reduce your business expenses, saving you time and unnecessary costs;
  • Tenant reps have access and connections to architects, attorneys, furniture vendors, etc., to consult on ideal office layouts and help get construction bids;

  • Tenant reps have the knowledge, expertise and understanding to help get the best business deal in today’s competitive markets and environments

Represent Tenants & Buyers of Commercial Real Estate in Seattle

We only represent tenants and buyers, rarely landlords. With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with both tenants and buyers.

Commercial Real Estate Buyers

We focus and assist business owners and investors to research, assess the market, identify, and create investment strategies to increase their portfolio value.

You Will Save Time and Money Using Our Commercial Real Estate Services

No matter if you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate, selling your commercial real estate asset(s), or simply want to maximize your returns throughout ownership, our team can assist in creating significant opportunities in all facets of the sale/purchase cycle. Using our expertise, tools, resources and our 20 plus years of experience in Seattle, we will search for space, call landlords, preview spaces to ensure your needs are met and your time is not wasted. No need to worry about wasting time looking at spaces that are not ideal, don’t fit your budget, are not the right layout, we will search to find the best space for you at the lowest price and best terms possible.

Commercial Lease Renewal

In most cases, commercial lease renewal can be the best decision to ensure continuity and to minimize disruptions for your business and employees.

Yet, some considerations for you to make an intelligent decision are:

  • Do you know if your office lease rates are competitive?
  • Are you aware of any better office space in the Seattle market?
  • Are you able to negotiate a more competitive agreement with your landlord?
  • How do you reduce/increase the amount of space you require?

Montlake Partners has the expertise to negotiate and find you the best renewal from your landlord, especially in times of a competitive market. There would be no cost to you, as the landlords pays our fee.

Don’t get trapped in renewal rates and terms that are not in your benefit. We will work diligently to have landlords competing for your tenancy which means a lower cost of occupancy for you. Work with us to ensure that we get the best deal for you.

Core Tenant Representation Services

  • New Leases;
  • Lease Renewals & Extensions;
  • Lease Expansions;
  • Building Purchases & Sales;
  • Land / Site Purchases & Sales;
  • Subleases of Surplus Space;
  • Lease Terminations / Buyouts
  • Regional & National Headquarters;
  • Local & Branch Locations;
  • Research & Development (R&D);
  • Financial & Professional Services;
  • Architecture & Engineering;
  • Legal Services;
  • Oil & Gas and Mining;
  • High Tech & Life Sciences;
  • Software Development;
  • Internet-based Businesses;
  • Warehousing / Distribution;
  • Manufacturing & Assembly;
  • Non-profit Organizations;
  • Government Offices & Warehouses
  • Requests for Proposals;
  • Letters of Intent / Understanding;
  • Leases;
  • Subleases;
  • Purchase & Sale Contracts;
  • State & Local Incentives;
  • Work Letters;
  • Operating Expense Audits;
  • Architectural & Engineering Contracts;
  • Developer Agreements
  • Statutory & Negotiated Incentives;
  • Tax Credits & Abatements;
  • Workforce Grants & Training;
  • Subsidized Land & Building Costs;
  • Infrastructure Improvements;
  • Cash Grants
  • Model Development;
  • Acquisition / Consolidation Analyses;
  • Policies & Procedures Manuals;
  • Space Programming;
  • Test Fits in Multiple Buildings;
  • Space Planning;
  • Tenant Improvement Cost Estimates
  • Market Accessibility;
  • Labor Market Analyses;
  • Transportation Costs;
  • Utility Costs & Availability;
  • Quality of Life; Taxation
  • Lease vs. Buy Analyses;
  • Build-to-suit to Lease;
  • Design-bid-build to Own;
  • Equity Participation & JVs;
  • Sale / Leasebacks
  • Re-marketability;
  • Highest & Best Uses;
  • Disposition Strategies;
  • Lease Buyouts; Sales
  • Needs Assessment;
  • Budgeting;
  • Selection & Oversight of Design Team;
  • Selection of General
  • Contractor & Vendors;
  • Move Coordination
  • Lease Abstracting;
  • Financial Reports;
  • Tax & Operating Expenses;
  • Manage Key Action Dates

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